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VANDOLPH SA, founded in 2007 by Herold R Van Vuuren, provided electrical and security solutions for both the Electrical as well as Security needs in Home Automation and Buiding Management Control Systems.

In 2015, VANDOLPH open a new division to the VANDOLPH Group, aimed at Power Backup and Power saving solutions. From PV Solar Off Grid Solutions to Battery Backup System, supply suffienct power during long Eskom Load Shedding Schedules.

2020 will bring a new era to the VANDOLPH Group, Our aim is to target 1 000 mWatt power to be installed by VANDOLPH Group and partners, across Southern Africa.


Our Focus

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Saving Money

Lower or No Eskom Bill. A Power Solution powered by the Sun, with complete or primary Power supplied to all Building needs

Always Lights

Battery Backup, allowing you to live normally, even when Eskom is struggling. With Backup options ranging from a few minutes to a couple of Hours


Maintenance, Repair Installation of Lights, Plugs, Geyser or DB Board. We have Emergency Experts that will tackle your issue in your time of need.


Maintaining, Installing and Protecting your Appliance. From Air Conditioning, Stoves, Fans, Pumps, Fridges, TV to Sound Systems. We have you covered


Our Blog

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
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